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Hajdszoboszl, the most well known bathing city of the Hungarian Great Plain welcomes you and your family. Be our guests in order to be able to experience the full adventure of recreation!

The conditions of active and passive recreation are available in Hajdszoboszl thanks to the endowments and services of the city. The catering units, hotels and the city of Hajdszoboszl offer a wide variety of programs in addition to bathing. The well maintained and landscaped resort city is perfectly suitable for the recreation of families and those, who wish to recuperate, who wish to refresh themselves.

Bath Complex

The Bath Complex represents the main attractive power of Hajdszoboszl, which consists of the famous spa , the  Aquapark , the  open-air bath  and the Aqua Palace Adventure Bath that was opened in year 2010. The Bath Complex with its services offers an unforgettable adventure throughout the year for the recuperating and recreating guests and for small and large families.

Heilbad Heilbad

Accommodation and catering services

Thanks to the proven recuperating effect of the spa of Hajdszoboszl the number of visitors increases year by year. This tendency provides a stable basis for developing high quality accommodation and catering units. Today everybody may find the accommodation and catering unit that suits his/her demands. The adventure of bathing may be further improved by an afternoon coffee, a delicious dinner, or drinking wine in the evening with the family and/or some friends. The range of catering units of the city includes practically all kinds of units, starting with classical restaurants up to the Hungarian inns.

The Recuperating Spa

The spa is a core element of the basic adventures of bathing, recreational and active tourism of Hajdszoboszl. Building on this endowment, as a result of continuous development, the small open air bath has grown into a sophisticated bathing complex. The result of the most recent developments implemented in year 2010 is the  Aqua Palace covered adventure bath, which by supplementing the services of the open-air bath , the Aquapark and the spa offers a recreation opportunity for the guests arriving to the city, independently of their age.

Wellness and Sport

In addition to recreation and entertainment Hajdszoboszl offers services for sport enthusiastic guests as well. Among the wellness services offered everybody may find the form of massage of his/her taste or may make his/her recreation complete by participating in active physical movement programs. As further options, programs are offered for those, who like to wander in the nature, by the tour routes, the visitor centre of the Hortobgy National Park and its establishments, which introduce the life in desert region of Hungary, of the so-called puszta.

Tourist events

Our recreation venue ensures additional programsbeyond the recuperating water, the entertaining water, the wellness services and gastronomic specialties. Outside the summer season a small town atmosphere and in the summer season a summer festival atmosphere is characteristic of our bath town, where there is a wide variety of entertainment programs awaiting the visitors. An indispensable element of the summer atmosphere is represented by music and dancing accompanied by gastronomic specialties. The line of tourist events is started with the Hajdszoboszl Grill and Beer Festival in May, and it is closed by the Hajdszoboszl Bio Food and Wine Festival in September.

Photos of Hajdszoboszl

Important phone numbers

Mayors Office

+36 52 557 300

TDM Office

+36 52 558 928

Spa Information

+36 52 558 558