The first establishment of the bath – which may be visited in our days as well – opened its gates to the visitors on July 26, 1927.

From the start till our days

The establishment in the beginning was only suitable for bathing, but already at that time the initiative was started, which established the foundations of the future of curing under medical supervision. Scientific examination of the thermal water certified that the composition of the sea located below Hajdúszoboszló is extraordinarily unique.
Heilbad Heilbad

Renowned researchers opinion, the Hajdúszoboszló water was unique of its kind, have similar composition and temperature of the water is not known - said Professor Dr. John Bodnar (1889-1953) chemist, and Dr. Zoltán Dalmady (1880-1934), according to and regarded as nothing more than a triaskori sea evoked the spirit of the Hajdúszoboszló water five times diluted sea water.”

Since opening in 1927 the spa fövenyfürdő greatly changed. Due to the continuous development, There are currently three different temperature indoor and outdoor adventure with a further four pools.

Due to the extensive renovation in 2002, the whole building is completely renewed. The spa building renewal, expansion of treatment facilities and the development of rest areas creates the ideal Guests conditions of complete relaxation and healing.

The thermal composition and uses of

The recovery experienced in the application of the Hajdúszoboszló water comes from the composition. The greatest water contains sodium chloride, commonly referred to as common salt and ammonium chloride, also known as szalmiáksót. Additional components of the bromine and iodine, as well as carbonates, nitrates and other chemical elements, such as lithium, magnesium or iron.

The Hajdúszoboszló spa guests of the spa treatments included more than 40 different types require treatment, In case the combined effect of which stress exert their best.

The spa is best known medicine i treatments in the spa treatment, mud wrap, weight bath and massage treatment during tangentoros water. The massage techniques used by masseurs further enhance the efficiency of the aforementioned treatments.

Medical services

    • Discount medical treatment packages (containing 4 treatments / day)

The Hajdúszoboszló spa discount packages available for medical treatment, 4 those who go for treatment the next day services are: thermal spa pool, bath, mud wrap, weight bath, effervescent bath, medical massage, underwater jet massage, underwater group gymnastics.

Medical services

  • thermal spa pool (01)
  • bath (02)
  • mud wrap (03)
  • Weight bath (04)
  • Carbon dioxide bath (05)
  • medical massage (06)
  • water jet massage (07)
  • Underwater group physiotherapy (08)
  • bath complex medical care (09)

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General Information


Szent István Park 1-3.


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Thermal Receptionist / Front Desk:
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Doctor's office:
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Important information

  • Reduced admission tickets for children, students, pensioners aged over 70 guests with Hungarian and card purchase!
  • Between Affairs
  • Children 0-4 years old are the lido is free of charge.
  • A child under the age of 14 use of the thermal pools is not recommended!
  • the discount card at the cashier asked to present