Aqua-Palace covered experience bath since March 2010 awaits visitors all year round and offers diverse programs combined with bathing.

Children and baby friendly bath

The adventure bath offers separate entertainment for adults and children. Separate levels designed for children, in accordance with the requirements of completeness, pool, water slides, children's playgrounds, nursing and changing table, baby float, to jump-Bugra and even children's furniture is also available. Children are special guests Hajdúszoboszló pleasure palace. A service designed for safe as well as in the design of children's needs and parents' expectations are also considered.

Aqua-Palace beside swimming and sports facilities, a spacious sauna area is also available, where Finnish, infrared and steam saunas, plunge pools and a Kneipp, abundant supply of massage, haircut, manicure, pedicure, and last but not least, a wide range of hospitality facilities. The complex also offers unique services to its guests, among which stand out in a room with private bath and relax.

Thematic pools

The bathroom on the ground floor with 8 themed pool with a variety of ages and cultures by displaying symbols guides the guests into the world of bathing in different cultures.

Pávai thermal baths as a memorial to his father and the Hajdúszoboszló thermal water evokes images using the first bathers and spa past. The cozy pool with thermal water for relaxation előcsalogathatja up memories of the past as well.

For more bath culture summon an opportunity in the following basins:

ice cave bath atmosphere of our planet cool éjhajlati belt conjuring makes the holiday special.

Ganges bath India into the world to guide guests and the belief among Asia, decorated with symbols of the culture of the pool is a special spiritual refreshment to benefit from the bathers.

Roman Baths is a glorious old age conjure up attempt, which was famous for its spa and recalling these memories will make your stay more special. The pool is the uniqueness of the symbols and design elements to ensure its guests.

Cave Bath Solid Earth's crust formed cavity characteristics reflected in the design of the pool.

The pool area on the ground floor of the family's swimming pool Tropical bath that while bathing & nbsp; next to the beached gator jungle guides guests into the world of imagination. The mood enhancement will be completed using a twisting water slide.

TV Bath is the projection of short films by presenting intimate make the bathing experience and its name refers to long ago in the field of cinema building of a swimming pool.

Sea spa world of the oceans is leading the bathers and distinctive fauna by displaying a special experience is the wet relaxation.


In addition to swimming in the Aqua-Palace range of services play a key role in the slides as well. The highest slide, which embraces two floors of more than eight meters high and 74 meters in overall length. This slide type only in older children and adults can try, but the younger guests also provided this kind of entertainment.

Active programs

The other part of the building also refers to the name of the Windsurfing building characteristics. The surf pool of those interested in sports provides opportunities. The active programs, such as squash, ping pong, spinning will further enhance the Aqua-Palace experience bath and a range of other organized exercise programs also serve this purpose. Between guided by the specialist exercise programs also include Aqua Fitness is proving that practical experience is independent of age and efficiency of water sports.

Permanent programs for Aqua-Palaceban

  • Mickey Mini Party

    Every Saturday from 15:00 Miki Mini Party. - Musical children's animation a children worldwide

  • Children employing

    The restaurant Aqua-Palace employing children every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 18:00 am crafts animation waiting for the little ones.

  • Bouncy castle

    The Aqua-Palace children's bouncy castle global level is provided for the children constantly.

Images of the Aqua Palace

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